Ne-Yo - Dance For Me Lyrics and Ringtones

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 |

A brand new R&B song titled "Dance For Me" by American pop and R&B singer, Ne-Yo. Really amazing tune. Not much news about the song but it is definitely a good bet for his upcoming project. His 'Libra Scale' released on November 22 last year debuted at number nine on the US Billboard 200, selling 112,000 copies in its first week sales.

Check out Ne-Yo - Dance For Me video below. Dance For Me lyric by Ne-Yo also available after the jump.

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Hello and welcome,
Please be in form that ..two drink minimum
These lovely ladies are working for tips
And tips are …dummy crew
The ladies are so beautiful for dancing
The dance … Cadillac and the entrance just move your car it will be ..

Time to get in that girl is hot come through ..
Head to the bar they see my face ..that nigga
I’m just head you at all to know my .. and trig a little bit baby
They are so cold on the stage with the poe and I can handle it

Ain’t no need, , dance for me baby,
Ain’t no need, ‘cause you know my name.
Don’t shoot no game that game is shoot
‘cause girl I know it,
You wanna dance just turn around and ..
Hey girl just look away and sit me down
Let’s chat for a second but soon is that
turn back around and start the session.

Ain’t no need, ain’t no need baby
Dance for me, dance for me baby
Ain’t no need (play with me baby)
‘cause you know my name,
(my name, my name, my name, my name, my name)
Ain’t no need, dance for me baby
Ain’t no need (play with me baby)
‘cause you know my name, ohhhh.